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Build Your BIZ

Set yourself up for success right from the start. In this program, you’ll be guided in a structured and easy-to-understand way, so that you are crystal clear on what to do next and how to create stable online income.

Build your BIZ with Julia Jerg

Typical Issues

Do any of these sound familiar?

The urge is there, you are certain that 2022 is YOUR year and you really want to make it work. BUT you feel lost and confused about the 1000 things you should or could be doing. Your lack of clarity is driving you nuts and you finally want to ‘crack the code’ of a successful online business.

  • You know that you are capable and still don’t know exactly how to turn it into a product/service?

  • You have watched endless YouTube videos to find out what other successful entrepreneurs do but that just leaves you more overwhelmed and confused?

  • You feel ‘all-over-the-place’ and have no idea how to actually make it work and where to start?

Do you resonate mith me?

Combined Problems

Then one of these is probably also true

  • You’re not getting the necessary thrive for each of the areas of your business building process because you feel insecure if it’s the right thing to do.

  • You know that there are SO many strategies out there but which one is the RIGHT one for YOU.

  • You invested time and money in researching on the WWW and went through ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts and courses but nothing has brought you the REAL desired outcome.

  • You are SO ready to finally quit your dayjob and become that successful entrepreneur that sustains their family and potentially go travel or live anywhere they want.

Combined problems, insecurity, money, job

Here comes the solution!

Build Your BIZ

Build Your BIZ is a private 1:1 business coaching program coupled with access to invaluable resources and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. We will focus on giving you clarity and structure so that you know exactly what to do first and which next steps to take. During this 6-month course, you’ll learn how to create a strong foundation, define your value proposition, your niche, create your branding, your offers and price structure and design your ideal marketing strategy.

Private Onboarding
Customized Roadmaps
Private Coaching Hours
Lifetime Access To Coaching Notes
Access To Online Course Bonus
Whatsapp/Voxer Support

What you can expect

Uniquely Designed Strategies & Sessions

Everyone is different, duh. And that’s also true for everyone’s business vision and mission. That’s why I don’t have a set out-of-the box solution for everyone. During Build Your BIZ we tailor a plan and strategy that suits YOUR needs and respects your personality type, your abilities and passion(s).

  • Custom tailored business plan
  • Strategies that suit YOU
  • Coaching sessions for your best flow
  • Best-practices that WORK

that suit

Strategies that Suit You

Feedback I Receive

Let others speak


There are two crucial steps you’ll want to take on your online business building path:

1) Book your Clarity Coaching Call today, and together we lay the foundation for your success as an online entrepreneur!

2) Only then, we’ll decide if Build Your BIZ is for you.

Fine print: Your investment in the one hour Clarity Coaching Call will, of course, be counted towards the coaching package.

Two Steps-System

Invest in your freedom lifestyle

Step 1

US$ 497

Clarity Coaching Session

All of my clients start here:

  • During this power hour we’ll identify your current blocks
  • You’ll learn tactics and ways to unblock them
  • We create a vision for a business that feels light and fun to you
  • We will dive deep to identify your biggest challenge and
  • Find out what it is missing to create your dream biz

Step 2

US$ 2497

Build your BIZ

6 Monthly Payments

Only if we unblocked you and created clarity during our power-hour, we can move on and get you onboard of Build Your BIZ. During these 6 months, I’ll hold your hand and share everything that is necessary and important for YOUR business. No more wondering how to get started or what to do next and how it all works.

With Build Your BIZ you’ll have access to the world of entrepreneurs and a community of like-minded people who want the freedom to choose where to work from, how long to work each day and show up as the true version of yourself!

Fine print: Your investment in the one hour Clarity Coaching Call will of course be counted towards the coaching package.

Are You Ready?

Join the world of
successful online

It’s not a question of how, it’s the question of when? When will you allow yourself to show the world what you are truly meant to be doing? Imagine this: 6 months from now, you are earning money from what you love - just from your laptop and without the constant feeling of being overwhelmed or stressed!

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