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Stop the overwhelm
on social media

Do you feel lost and stuck when it comes to your social media activities? Do you wonder where to start and what to do next? Here’s the solution to stop the overwhelm… for free! I am here to show you how to master this seemingly unbeatable task.

First Phase

It's all about
the mindset

The mindset is important, becoming conscious about why and what you are feeling is a crucial first step to take control of your well-being. You will learn the roots of your current struggles and fears. But more importantly, I will show you how to react towards your inner voice whenever it tells you that you are 'not good enough' or 'completely lost'

Second Phase

Content creation
at its best

It is sometimes the biggest headache to most of us when it comes to the question of 'What to post every day?'. I'll help you get over content-phobia and master it elegantly.

Workshop Content Creation

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Stop the overwhelm

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What we will cover

I recommend you come equipped with a pen and paper because during this 90-minutes workshop, you’ll get not only a few mindset truths coming your way but also hands-on tips on how to achieve flow when it comes to your content creation and social media presence.

  • The most common beliefs that are blocking you

  • What to post and how to come up with quality

  • Our new program to become visible on social media

  • Ways how you can create a more stable and positive mindset

  • The system to create content worth 90 days in just one weekend

Hey I'm Julia Jerg

Passionate Traveler, Mom and Coach!

I am Julia, ...clarity biz coach..., mom of two busy toddlers, and passionate traveler. I've always loved exploring new cultures and connecting with people from around the world. But above all, I wanted to live on my own terms and be in charge of my life.

Julia Jerg, Passionate Traveler

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